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If you operate a gun dealer business and need funding to expand your firearm inventory, enhance your shooting range facilities, or invest in specialized gun repair services, MCashAdvance gun dealer business advances are the swift solution you’ve been searching for.

We offer gun dealer business advances ranging from $5,000 to $900,000 to help grow your firearms enterprise. We fund all types of gun businesses, including firearm retailers, shooting ranges, and gun repair services.

Securing financing from banks for gun dealer businesses can be a lengthy and challenging process, often taking weeks or even months to obtain, with strict approval requirements, extensive paperwork, and a preference for businesses with perfect credit.

An advance from MCashAdvance for gun dealer companies offers simpler approval, no paperwork or collateral, the possibility of receiving funds within 24 hours or up to 3 days, and accepts poor credit scores with no hard credit check that won’t impact your credit score upon application.

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MCA Feature Offer Details
MCA Amounts: $5,000 – $900,000
Factor Rate: 1.1 – 1.5
Holdback 10 – 25%
Repay In: 3 – 18 months
Funding Time: 1 – 3 days

Applying is easy, free, and won’t impact your credit score.

Get the gun dealer financing you need today.

What is a Gun Dealer Business Advance?

A gun dealer business advance is a type of merchant cash advance (MCA) created for gun dealer businesses, including firearm retailers, shooting ranges, and gun repair services.

Your gun dealer business sells a portion of its revenue to MCashAdvance in exchange for an upfront lump sum of funds called a cash advance.

In exchange, we will deduct a small percentage of your daily sales revenue until the advance is fully repaid.

Emergency Funding for Firearm Store Businesses

In the firearm retail industry, specific financial needs often arise, closely tied to unique aspects of the business such as inventory management of firearms, adherence to regulations, and enhancing customer shooting experiences. A cash advance for firearm store businesses offers tailored financial support, quickly accessible, and can be used for very specific, industry-related needs.

Gun Dealer Financing for Any Purpose

Here are 17 common ways a cash advance can be utilized in your Gun Store:

  1. Tactical Firearm Inventory Expansion: Use the funds to acquire a broader range of tactical firearms, including specialized rifles and handguns.
  2. Advanced Ballistics Software: Invest in ballistics software for custom ammunition loading and ballistic analysis services.
  3. Shooting Simulator Installation: Use the advance to install state-of-the-art shooting simulators for training and customer engagement.
  4. Custom Gunsmithing Workshop: Finance the establishment or expansion of a gunsmithing area for custom firearm modifications and repairs.
  5. Precision Optics and Sighting Systems: Direct the funds to stock high-quality scopes, sights, and optical systems for shooting enthusiasts.
  6. Concealed Carry and Defensive Training Classes: Use the capital to offer certified concealed carry and self-defense courses.
  7. Specialized Safe Rooms for Firearm Storage: Invest in constructing a secure, climate-controlled safe room for storing high-value firearms.
  8. Reloading Equipment and Supplies: Use the funds to offer a wide range of reloading equipment and supplies for shooting hobbyists.
  9. ATF Compliance Consulting Services: Finance expert consultation to ensure full compliance with ATF regulations and standards.
  10. Firearm Maintenance and Cleaning Stations: Establish professional firearm cleaning and maintenance services for customers.
  11. Biometric Security Systems for Inventory: Use the advance to implement advanced biometric security systems for controlled access to firearms.
  12. Outdoor and Tactical Gear Range: Expand your inventory to include outdoor and tactical gear catering to hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.
  13. Suppressor and NFA Item Inventory: Invest in stocking suppressors and other NFA-regulated items, catering to a specific market segment.
  14. Educational Workshops on Firearm Legislation: Use the funds to host informative sessions on firearm laws and responsible ownership.
  15. Advanced Range Facility Upgrades: Direct the funds to upgrade your shooting range facilities with the latest safety and target systems.
  16. Membership Program for Regular Shooters: Develop a membership program offering benefits for frequent range users and shoppers.
  17. Emergency and First Aid Training for Staff: Use the capital to train staff in emergency response and first aid, essential for firearm retail environments.
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Shooting Range Advance Example

Let’s say you need a $60,000 gun dealer merchant cash advance to buy target retriever equipment to upgrade your shooting range. If you are approved for $60,000 and receive a funding offer with a factor rate of 1.2, keep in mind that your total repayment amount will be $60,000 (Advance Amount) + $12,000 (Fees) = $72,000.

Advance Amount$60,000
Factor Rate1.2
Avg Monthly Credit Card Sales$45,000
Holdback Percentage15%
Daily Credit Card Sales$1,500 per day (approx.)
Daily Payment Amount$72.00 per day (approx.)
Repayment Term (in months)5 months (rounded up)
Total Repaid$60,000 (Advance Amount) + $12,000 (Fees) = $72,000

Firearm Outlet Funding Eligibility

To be eligible for funding from MCashAdvance you must meet these 5 criteria:

  1. Your firearm outlet must have been operational for at least 6 months
  2. Your gun shop should be generating a minimum of $100,000 per year in revenue
  3. As the firearm outlet owner, your personal FICO score needs to be 550 or higher
  4. Your firearm business must utilize a business checking account
  5. You, as the firearm outlet proprietor, must be over 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen

How to Get a Gun Store Advance from MCashAdvance

To get an advance for your gun store business from MCashAdvance, follow these 5 steps:

Step 1: Begin Online Application: Click Apply for an MCA to begin.

Step 2: Fill in Your Details: Provide information about your gun store and some personal details as the owner of the store.

Step 3: Submit Bank Statements: Upload the last three months’ bank statements of your gun store.

Step 4: Await Review Process: Our underwriters will review your cash advance application to determine if funding can be provided.

Step 5: Receive Offer and Funding: Once you get a funding offer, review it. If it suits your business needs, accept it, sign the MCA agreement and the funds will be deposited into your business account.

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Gun Dealer Funding FAQs

Can gun dealers get an SBA loan?

Gun dealers may not typically qualify for SBA loans, as firearms-related businesses are often considered restricted industries by the SBA. It’s advisable to explore alternative financing options.

Can gun dealers get invoice financing loans?

Gun dealers may not typically qualify for invoice financing, as their sales often involve immediate payment due to regulatory requirements. Invoice financing is more common in B2B scenarios.

Do banks provide loans to gun dealers?

Banks typically require gun dealers to have at least two years in operation, a FICO credit score of 680 or higher, three years of cash flow records, and a well-structured business plan outlining fund usage. Meeting these criteria increases the likelihood of banks approving a loan for your gun dealership. If you can’t meet these standards, alternative lenders like MCashAdvance may offer more accessible eligibility criteria for obtaining financial support for your gun dealership.

How does gun dealer equipment financing work?

Gun dealers may not typically qualify for equipment financing due to the nature of their business. It’s advisable to explore alternative financing options.

Can gun dealers get business lines of credit?

Gun dealers may secure a business line of credit if they meet specific qualifications. However, due to the nature of the gun dealership industry, lenders may have varying criteria. It’s advisable to consult with lenders experienced in firearm-related businesses.

Why would a gun dealer need financing?

Gun dealers may need financing to cover expenses such as inventory, permits, licenses, employee wages, and rent. Many gun shops may not turn a profit for a few years, so financing helps bridge the gap until profitability is achieved.

What to look for when choosing a lender if you are a gun store or dealer?

When selecting a lender for gun dealers, consider their reputation, loan terms, and interest rates but most importantly try to find a lender that specializes in providing funding to businesses in the gun industry like MCashAdvance.

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