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About MCashAdvance

MCashAdvance is a Merchant Cash Advance Company. We provide business cash advances to small and medium sized businesses in the USA.

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All MCA Providers Are Not the Same

Choosing the right MCA provider is important when aiming to use your business’s future credit card sales as a funding source for your business.

At MCashAdvance, we are solely focused on MCAs. This dedication differentiates us from other lenders who spread their attention across many different financial products and don’t offer custom MCA offerings.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses tap into their credit card sales to free up the funds they need to flourish with our custom MCA offerings, and we’d love to help your business too.

Our mission

Our mission is to help small businesses across the USA that may not qualify for funding from traditional lenders.

The core financial product we offer are merchant cash advances, we ensure that any business processing credit card transactions, irrespective of its size or sector, can access the funds they need.

Our aim is to provide these businesses with the vital capital they need to grow, pay bills, or purchase equipment – whatever they need to succeed.

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Providing Business Cash Advances Since 2019

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USA Customers

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See Why Our
Customers Love MCashAdvance.

Our restaurant needed new kitchen equipment. $50,000 from MCashAdvance helped make that happen. Service is now faster and smoother, and customers have noticed.

James Rivera wearing black jacket and white shirt.

James Rivera, New York

An unexpected expense put my construction company in negative cash flow. $15,000 from MCashAdvance helped bridge that gap and got me back on track for the month.

Liam Martinez, bearded man wearing brown shirt

Liam Martinez, Texas

With the $100,000 from MCashAdvance, we upgraded the rooms in our medical clinic to improve patient comfort making us more competitive.

Sophia Clark, woman with glasses and brown shirt, smiling for camera

Sophia Clark, Illinois

I purchased inventory with the $25,000 advance to restock our shelves and keep our business moving forward. Grateful for MCashAdvances support.

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Ava Mitchell, Pennsylvania

Logo of MCashadvance displayed on its office building

Who We Are

MCashAdvance was launched in 2019 and is a brand of its parent company, All Year Fair Funding LLC (Company Number 5650028). We’re based in Brooklyn, New York. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the fintech and alternative lending space in both personal financing and business lending.

Our Management Team

The Leadership team focused on improving credit access for small and medium-sized businesses and enhancing the financial lives of the business owners we serve.

Richard Wilson

Head of Compliance

Richard Wilson is the editor and compliance officer at MCashAdvance. Before joining MCashAdvance, he was a compliance and data protection officer at Equifax UK. With more than 15 years in the finance industry, he specializes in consumer credit compliance, collections, and underwriting.

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Distinguished man named Michael Throckmorton with white hair and red tie

Michael Throckmorton

Head of Funding

Michael Throckmorton, is the Head of Funding at MCashAdvance. Before joining the company he served as Managing Director at Friedland Global Capital Markets LLC and Chapman, Spira & Carson. With a footprint in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, and ties to Beijing, Sydney, and New Delhi, he specializes in Micro IPO USA, OTCBB, and Frankfurt exchanges.

Krystal Bowen

Head of Underwriting

Jane Doe leads McashAdvance’s underwriting policy development, assessing businesses financial health for cash advances. She guides the McashAdvance team in evaluating credit scores, revenue, MCA applications and business history to establish funding terms to ensure McashAdvance continues to be a responsible lender​.

Jack Chou

Head of Loan Operations

James Dean is the Head of Loan Operations at McashAdvance, where he oversees the daily work of the lending team, ensuring everything runs smoothly. He plays a key role in reviewing how loans are given out and making sure that different businesses and sectors McashAdvance works with get the best loan support on offer

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Why Choose MCashAdvance

Since 2019, we’ve provided cash advances to lots of different industries and have fine-tuned our understanding of each industry’s funding needs based on the average financial trends of that industry. This has led us to customize our underwriting lending criteria for each industry, optimizing each business’s likelihood of securing a cash advance tailored to their specific industry.

  • No Hidden Costs or Fees
  • No Paperwork
  • Less than 5 minutes application
  • High approval rates
  • Bad credit welcome
  • No obligation to Accept
  • No Credit Check
  • MCA Direct Lender
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Where We Fund

We provide nationwide funding to all 50 states across the USA, including our home state of New York. At this time, we do not provide advances to businesses in U.S. territories such as American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The MCashAdvance Funding Platform

Business Owners

Login to your secured account to manage your financing, tweak repayments, stay in control, and contact your dedicated account manager.


Login to manage your investment portfolio. See your up-to-date earnings, withdraw earning, and speak with your dedicated investment expert. Read investor benefits to learn more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MCashAdvance make its money?

We charge a fixed fee, known as a factor rate, for our merchant cash advance facility. That’s how we are compensated and earn revenue.

Is MCashAdvance a bank?

MCashAdvance is not a bank. We are a merchant cash advance company that offers an alternative to traditional lenders such as banks.

Do I qualify for an MCA with MCashAdvance?

To be eligible, you must be in business for at least 6 months, have a personal FICO score of 550 or higher, generate at least $100K in annual revenue, process credit cards and have a business checking account.

How do I apply?

To start your journey with MCashAdvance, simply submit your online application, drop us an email at, or give us a ring at 855-433-8641. We’ve made the process straightforward to ensure you can quickly access the funds you need.

How much can I advance?

At MCashAdvance, we tailor our funding to fit your business’s unique needs, offering amounts ranging from $5,000 to $950,000. This range depends on several factors, including your monthly credit card sales volume, your overall creditworthiness, and the growth potential within your industry.

How fast will I get a decision?

We pride ourselves on our rapid response times at MCashAdvance. Typically, you can expect a decision within 24 hours. This swift turnaround is possible because our underwriters diligently review your application and any accompanying bank statements as soon as they’re received.

How fast will I receive the advance?

Once approved, MCashAdvance aims to have the funds in your hands within 3 days. This quick funding process is contingent on having all the necessary information and documentation we need to proceed without any hitches.

How long do I have to repay?

We understand the importance of flexibility in repayment. That’s why MCashAdvance offers repayment terms ranging from 3 to 18 months. We work with you to establish a repayment schedule that aligns with your business’s financial capacity, ensuring the arrangement doesn’t overburden your operations.

Which industries do MCashAdvance work with?

Diversity in business is something we celebrate at MCashAdvance, which is why we extend our services to a broad spectrum of industries, including those deemed high-risk. If you’re unsure whether your industry qualifies, we encourage you to reach out. Our team is more than happy to clarify and potentially add your field to the wide array of sectors we support.

Will My Information Be Protected With MCashadvance?

Absolutely. As a direct funder, MCashAdvance guarantees the confidentiality of your data. Unlike brokers, who might circulate your information among various third-party lenders, we ensure your details remain within our secure system, safeguarding your privacy throughout the loan process.

Is It Safe To Link My Bank Account To The MCashadvance Platform?

Yes, linking your bank account to the MCashAdvance platform is secure. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art security measures, including top-grade SSL encryption, to protect your financial information and provide peace of mind as you engage with our lending services.

Where can I find out more about MCashAdvance

You can learn more about MCashadvance on Crunchbase or Truspilot