Benefits For
Our Investors

Join our investors and get your capital working for you!

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Best ROI in the Industry

  • Get up to 40% p.a on your money
  • AI-based risk reduction
  • No additional fees

Full Transparency

  • See earning in real-time
  • Monitor risk level
  • We always invest with you

Investment Tracking

  • Manage your investment
  • Withdraw earnings
  • Chat with an account manager
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Why Invest in MCA

The founders of MCashAdvance are the guys behind the UK’s most successful short-term lender (Cashfloat). We changed the UK market, and now we are aiming to help businesses in the USA get the funding they need when they need it.

We offer investors the opportunity to put their money to work in a low-risk market-proven MCA business and get a minimum of 20% p.a. We’ve already invested millions in building the world’s most advanced MCA financing Platform.

What are the Benefits?

1. Full Transparency

As a partner on our platform, you will be able to stay up to speed with your investment. You will be able to withdraw your principal and profits with a click of a button.

2. Low Risk

Think of it like real estate investment. When you buy a building and collect rent, your profit is the gap between the rental income and the mortgage repayments. As long as the rental income is higher than the mortgage, the tenant pays the loan for you. In real estate deals, the building is your security, but the gap between the rental income and the loan repayment is very low.

In contrast, our average monthly liquidation is 30%. That means there is minimal risk that we won’t be able to pay you your annual interest.

3. Peace of Mind

When you become our financial partner, we treat you as part of the team. Besides having all the business information available to you via our secured login area, you will have access to your account manager, who will go above and beyond to address any concern or request you may have.

The Smart Deal



  • Investment $10K-$100K
  • Get 20% p.a. (Calculated Monthly)
  • Start withdrawing your profits in six months
  • At any point, after the initial six month period, you can get your investment back (principal and interest) within six months

Return Example

  • Invest $50K
  • Months 1-6, money works, and accrues interest.
  • From month 6, you can get $833.50 (1.667% * $50,000) per month for as long as you want.
  • If you decide that you want to withdraw your investment for any reason, you can click a button and get the full amount within 6 months. Let’s say that in month 10, you decide to withdraw all your money. You click a button, and from month 8, you will start getting $9166.833 per month for 6 months.

We Never Take More Money Than We Need

When working with MCashAdvance, you can be confident that we’ll never take more money than we need to fund our stable and sustainable growth. Once we reach our targets, we will not accept additional investors. In this case, you can join our investor’s waiting list. We will notify you as soon as the opportunity is available again.

Please note, current investors who decide to reinvest always have priority.

Wooden building blocks with a blue arrow, and a person's hand stacking the top block signify MCashAdvance providing you with the funding you need as a building block to grow your business