Looking to Purchase MCA Leads?

You’re a MCA provider with available working capital and an excellent customer service team. But where are the customers? If you’re looking for MCA leads, we’ve got a much better solution. What if you could skip leads entirely and go directly to clients? 

As a leading private MCA funder, we get more deals than we can fund ourselves. We want all American businesses that apply with us to get the funding they need, and we want to work with you to make that happen. When you partner with MCashAdvance, you’ll get real clients in real-time.

Get Instant Results with our MCA Leads

  • Drive up your closing ratios
  • Increase your ROI
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Track all leads online

The Problem with MCA Brokers and ISOs

Regular brokers and ISOs treat MCA leads like any other industry- they’ll give you leads gathered from external sources and let you try your luck at closing a deal. But that’s where they fail. Even the best data-driven leads are just “maybes.” Regular brokers will give you leads to follow, but MCashAdvance will get you business in real-time.

Better Than UCC Leads for Sale

UCC lists keep a record of businesses that have borrowed money in the past. The key word here being ‘past.’ It could be they borrowed money a few days ago, but it could be they borrowed a few months ago. And just because they obtained business funding in the past, there is no guarantee that they are still interested. While UCC lists have a 60% – 70% chance of working out, the customers we will send your way are 90% likely to sign a contract.

Better Than Aged Business Loan Leads

Aged leads are businesses that have reached out for business funding in the past six months. Yes, that’s half a year! Meanwhile, the customers we will send your way have reached out to us in the past 24 hours, which means they are much more likely to sign a contract than someone who applied a few weeks or months ago.

Better Than Live Transfer Leads

Live transfers are leads obtained by call centers and transferred to you live. The problem with these leads is that they were not actively looking for funding, but a call center cold-called them. Most of the time, cold-called businesses are not highly interested – they tend to be more inquisitive. Why pay for a live transfer lead that most likely won’t pan out? Cold calls are a thing of the past. We believe in real-time inbounds — not luke-warm transfers.

Better Than Direct Mail

Direct mail is an old-fashioned way to reach out to potential customers. Besides the fact that there is no way to track the progress of a lead when you send out a letter, most businesses get enough mail without extra unsolicited mail.

MCA brokers VS an MCA Direct Funder

As you can see, MCA brokers and agents will charge you for a mediocre lead that you’ll need to follow up using precious time and resources. On the other hand, we provide you with real-time business from customers who are ready for funding within 24 hours. Our goal is not to make money off you, but to build a long-term strategic relationship where we can help each other out. We’ll know that our applicants will get the funding they need, and you can increase your customer base. It’s a win-win!